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Winery in Wooster, Ohio

Find Your Wine Time

Whether you want to socialize with friends, spend time with family or find a quiet moment to relax, Lincoln Way Vineyards will help you Find Your Wine Time! To make your selection easier our Wine Time Series has a time for every wine. So no fancy names, just pick the time that’s right for you.


Have you Found your Wine Time?

Jim and Sherri started Lincoln Way Vineyards in 2006. Their children, Alex and Ari, ages 19 and 16, have grown up with the vines and become an integral part of the family operation that Lincoln Way Vineyards is today. Alex operates and maintains equipment as well as oversees harvest and crush. Arianna mows the vineyards/winery grounds and is involved in the wine making process including running lab analyses on the grapes, must and wine. Jim, with his family background in farming and his career as a water treatment professional led to his interest in raising grapes and making wine, directs the operations while taking care of social media, festivals, and the tasting room. Sherri with a background in the wine business as a brand manager for a boutique wine distributor, and as an accounting and inventory controller for a scrap metal company spends her time marketing, accounting, blending wine and quality control.

Let us help you Find Your Wine Time as we offer dry, medium and sweet wines to please your palate!


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